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Last year's Kirsty Sutherland Award for Wanting Everything Your Own Way went to... Kirsty Sutherland. A relationship with your sister's rapist and the blessing of your parents? No problem, Kirsty! Packing in school and landing a wonderful job without any qualifications? Why, sure! If anybody out there knows what planet this girl was on, do let us know.

Now a married woman, Kirsty has matured greatly in recent months. However, she's still quite keen on throwing strops and can't seem to prevent herself from lying like a rug. But to give the girl some credit, Kirsty has recently informed her nearest and dearest that she's committed to changing her ways. Is she lying about giving up the lying? Is she just lying to herself? You'll have to stay tuned, but we can't promise that she won't deceive you too.

Kirsty Sutherland is played by Christie Hayes

Born the 31st October, 1986 on the South Coast of NSW

Christie has appeared in various television commercials, and at the age of nine flew to New Zealand to appear in a commercial for yoghurt. While Home and Away provided Christie with her first ongoing role in a television series, she was previously involved with the series The Search for Treasure Island.

Christie currently studies by correspondence, and enjoys subjects such as English and the performing arts. This is handy, as Christie would love to be a director when she is older. When she's not on set, she's always behind the scenes, watching the show's directors and checking out different shots.