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Having inherited her father's temper, rebel without a clue Dani resents most of the people around her just because she can. She scowls and glares like there's a whole Pandora's box full of trouble, spite and whinging ready to explode through the war paint. And usually, there is.

With parents who work long hours, over the years Dani has gradually taken on more responsibility for looking after her younger sisters, and you can be damned sure she isn't enamoured with her role of responsibility. All she ever wanted to do was turn 18 and move out of home... but not into prison, which is where she ended up.

Still, she's free once again, and fed up with her dad's expectation that she'll be around to pick up the pieces when her parents aren't. It's not all doom and gloom in Daniworld, though; she has a certain Scott Hunter tightly wrapped around her little finger.

Dani Sutherland is played by Tammin Sursok

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa 1983

 Tammin and her family moved to Australia when she was just 4 years old. Having studied dance since the age of 6, Tammin became involved with the Sydney Youth Musical theatre, where she studied singing and acting as well.

Currently still in high school, she's studying by correspondence due to her Home and Away workload. Her favourite subjects include Art, Drama, and English.

Tammin has appeared in various commercials, and is an experienced model. The part of Dani in Home and Away is Tammin's first television role and, while it was quite an audition process, Tammin was thrilled to join the show.

Tammin lives at home with her mum and brother Shaun and half sister Michelle.

She also shares her home with her two dogs 'Honey' and 'Smudge'.

Her favourite actress is Julia Roberts, and Catherine Zeta Jones and her favourite actor is Brad Pitt.

Her musical tastes differ dependant on her mood at the time. Tammin is into anything as long as she likes the lyrics. This can range from pop princess songs to grunge to underground bands.